NEVER READ THE COMMENTS (on lgbt articles in steinbach. it’s exhausting.)

This week a parent talked to the local school board about bullying, and how schools talk (or don’t talk) about same-sex parents.  You can read the article here.

I’ve never met her, but she seemed quite prepared and confident, so I wasn’t going to say much on social media.  I was rather much looking forward to seeing how the school board would respond to her concerns.

And then I did something I never should do. Our two local media put the story on their Facebook pages, and I read the comments.  I should know better.  NEVER READ THE COMMENTS!

In short, I found it exhausting.  It’s the exact same talking points that I lived through three years ago.  Religious freedom, bullying, Hollywood, arsenokoitai, blah blah blah.

Frickin’ exhausting.

And then it hit me.  If me, a married straight male pastor with two kids, finds it exhausting to read these comments online, how does one who is LGBT feel? Or a parent whose kid is a sexual minority?

(Yes, I was aware of straight privilege and heterosexism before this morning.  I just happened to reinforce that knowledge today.)

So, as someone with very little skin in the game, whose orientation isn’t questioned wherever I go, who’s not worried about being mocked, looked down upon, or beat up for whose hand I choose to hold in public, I write today.  I write, knowing full well knowing that I have the choice to, whereas many LGBT folk don’t.

Someone much wiser once said to me, “There is a lot of anger directed to sexual minorities.  That anger is going to be absorbed by somebody, somewhere.  Sometimes, as straight allies, it’s our job to absorb some of it for those members of the community who are tired of it.” (aka:  frickin’ exhausted.)

So, if you identify as LGBT (or have family who do), you are not alone here.  There are a bunch of us quietly working towards equality for everyone.  If you need someone to connect with, feel free to shoot me an email at  I can’t promise much, but I’ll do my best to listen, and direct you to the best resources I know of.

Grace and Peace,


PS – And if you are convinced that you know how to translate arsenokoitai, or the public schools aren’t teaching biblical morals, or that Hollywood is leading people astray, or that my salvation is at risk and you would like to pray for me, feel free to leave a comment below (but I will take the prayers, thank you very much).  Better here than directed at someone who is frickin’ exhausted of it all already.


6 thoughts on “NEVER READ THE COMMENTS (on lgbt articles in steinbach. it’s exhausting.)

  1. Well said, Kyle. I will absorb some of that vitriol too. It is sad that there are still people out in this community who spew such intolerance.

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