Mukluks vs. War and the Old Testament

On Sunday, I kept a running tally in my head of what would get more comments:  My mukluks or my sermon (on War and Old Testament).

By the time the service started, the mukluks were ahead by a score of 4-1.  However, the sermon finished strong and pulled through in the end, winning 12-6.

Considering that I touched on God choosing to partner with humans, on genocide of the Canaanites, on how afters years of “empire”, the Israelites were back where they started as slaves by a river, and emphasized that God’s involvement with war points to God choosing to partner with us, I consider this success.

People were excited about my willingness to tackle a hard portion of Scripture, I had at least 10 requests for more information, people were texting me questions that I have to address in a few weeks time, and I have a few coffee dates lined up for further discussion.

But perhaps, most importantly, I am belong to a phenomenal church.  A church that doesn’t require us to check our brains at the door.  A church that asks good questions, allows people to disagree, and places a high value on relationships between people as they figure out what it means to be faithful to God.

So, while the mukluks were sad that they lost the comments competition, this gives me hope for the church.

And now on to War and the New Testament!


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